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A Passive House is a very well-insulated, virtually air-tight building that is primarily heated by the sun through high performance triple-glazed windows, super-insulation, an airtight building shell, limitation of thermal bridging, internal heat from peoples bodies, and an energy recovery ventilation system providing a constant, balanced fresh air supply. A Passive House is more comfortable and healthier than a standard

build, as there are no draughts, no condensation or mould in cold spots, and provides a uniquely terrific indoor air quality.

Passive House is ‘low energy design’ and its principles are an integral part of any AmbiHouse construction project, even if the targets lie a little outside the PassivHaus-certified standards. The result is an impressive system that saves up to 90% of home heating costs. The Passive House Standard stands for quality, comfort and energy efficiency. Passive Houses require very little energy to achieve a comfortable temperature year round, making conventional heating and air conditioning systems obsolete.

The building fabric of a house consists of all the building components that work together to keep the elements out. This includes the walls, roof and ground floor that keep the weather out and the timber frame construction that keeps the heat in.

PassivHaus, with its focus on fabric efficiency brings many associated benefits:

• Health (indoor air quality)

• Material preservation (Avoiding moisture damage)

• Indoor comfort (consistent temperatures with no draughts).

AmbiHouse designs and manufactures Timber Frame, from its State of the Art manufacturing facility.

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Energy Efficiency

Unlike masonry construction a timber frame home is a highly insulated and sealed structure that is then normally covered externally by block work to provide a solid external finish that then takes a standard Plaster.

This sealed framed structure ensures that no heat is lost in the block work. Timber frame homes are easy to heat, cosy to live in, healthier living environment and much reduced heating costs.

We are all aware of increasing energy costs and many of us have seen our heating bills increase in recent years. Unlike traditional build the insulation used in timber frame homes ensures that there is no heat loss resulting in huge savings.


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