Timber Frame

Our initial focus was on helping our customers achieve exceptional levels of energy efficiency, construction speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Although these principles remain at the core of our business, we have witnessed a significant shift in our customers’ preferences towards even greater energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

  • To meet this evolving demand, we have dedicated ourselves to developing a timber frame system that surpasses all expectations in terms of energy performance. Our goal was to fulfil our customers’ desires while upholding our reputation for delivering unmatched value. Whether you aspire to own an A-rated home, or an eco-friendly and cost-effective home, AmbiHouse offers a range of options tailored to your needs.

Through the integration of advanced technology and automation, we guarantee the production of panels that meet the highest quality standards.

Drawing upon our extensive experience and ongoing research, we have devised unique techniques to meticulously insulate and seal 
each panel. Moreover, we prioritise the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable resulting in homes that promote both your well-being and the preservation of the environment.



Passive house

AmbiHouse specialises in building timber-frame homes, delivering exceptional energy efficiency through insulation, airtightness, high-performance windows, and strategic orientation. Our qualified designers ensure up to 90% increased energy efficiency compared to conventional buildings. Contact us for more information.


Air Tightness

At AmbiHouse, we are dedicated to constructing airtight timber-frame Homes that effectively reduce air leakage. By prioritising airtightness, our homes offer lower heating bills, enhanced ventilation, and a decrease in draughts. With our focus on energy efficiency and comfort, you can enjoy a truly remarkable living experience.


Building Energy Rating

Choose AmbiHouse for a timber-frame home that guarantees the lowest possible BER, offering financial and environmental advantages. At AmbiHouse, we prioritise the Building Energy Rating (BER) as an indicator of energy performance.

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